Sama Living is a re-invented home-hostel hybrid designed specifically with students and digital nomads in mind. Looking for a place to stay and work at the same time? That’s exactly what Sama Living is all about. With the flexibility of your stay and the accessibility of the vibrant city of your choice, your adventure is just about to begin.

We’re Sama Living, a new hybrid space to live, work and unwind your way.


The Sama Max and Sama Lite are flexible home-office hybrids and offer all the necessary facilities to live comfortably and study efficiently, while also offering the possibility to personalise your space, your way. No matter how long your stay may be, we’ve got something for you.

Strategically located along major highways and various public transportation, D’Latour Residences is an elegant residence located in Bandar Sunway – home to many business offices, academic centres and a shopping mall, making it the perfect start to your adventure.


Designed with social space in mind, each of our living space comes with a comfy living room, communal study area, meeting rooms and just when you thought it can’t get any better – we’ve got a gorgeous rooftop terrace too. We host weekly yoga and Zumba workshops, so there’s plenty of opportunities to mingle around with your peers.


We would like to contest the idea of a boring living space – Sama Living is equipped with state-of-the-art gym room, swimming pool and an event space underneath it (yes, you read that right), apart from the quality living space you’d love and the high-speed internet throughout the entire building.
A year-long semester or a 3-day assignment crunch? Sure, we’ve got the perfect plan for you with complete flexibility and full control over your stay. Tell us how you would prefer your stay to be and we’ll make sure you get to learn, play and unwind just the way you like.
A cosy interior and high-speed internet – the perfect definition of “best of both worlds” for every student.
Whether you’re in for business or leisure, we’ve got a living space for short stay. – no matter the duration.
Fully equipped with business amenities, so you can work like you’re in the office, in the comfort of a home.
Questions? No problem – just drop us a message and we’ll be delighted to get back to you on your enquiries as soon as possible.